Loving a Dog Leads to Loving A LOT of Dogs

Well, it is now June 28, 2016.  I am opening a new business today, and I needed a website to advertise just what I’m offering to those in the Center of the Universe (Ashland, VA).

I am a bookkeeper by trade who is tired of sitting and spreading, if you get my drift.  I’ve decided to explore one of my loves — spending time with canine friends.  I hope this venture will help me get in a lot of walking, meet some of my local neighbors and provide a service to those vital members of their households.

I’m available to walk your dogs, make sure they are well-fed and watered, have some play time in your yard, etc.   Whatever you would want done for your pets, I’m here to do.

I also am willing to feed your cats, water your plants, check on your place while you’re away for vacations, and even spend the night(s) with your animals if you have that particular desire.

I’ve been married to the same wonderful husband since 1976.  We met the summer after 6th grade at a summer camp.  We had “puppy love” that summer.  We met again in 1973 while he was a senior at Patrick Henry High School and I was a senior at Midlothian High School.  Long story short, we’ve been married 40 years and have always been empty nesters.  Thank GOD we have lots of children, grandchildren and a few great grandchildren, because we love others’ children and they surely have and do love us!

So, please feel free to email me at SteppingUPandOUT@gmail.com.  I’ll provide you a full price  list to review.  If you are then interested in meeting me, I’ll get in touch with you by text and we’ll then see where to meet and greet next!

I’m going to post some great pet stories as I get time.  But, for now, I’m stepping out and hope to be stepping in to meet you and your best-loved furry friends.